Nutrition Consultation

Schedule a consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and lead nutrition advisor, to talk through your nutrition, health or performance.

Why might you need a consultation about your nutrition?

There is a lot of nutrition advice out there and it can be a struggle to know which will work for you. You may want to manage your weight or perhaps you are looking for improved health or energy, or a happier relationship with food. Or maybe you are an athlete or exerciser who is looking for tailored sports nutrition advice for improved performance.

A one-to-one consultation is a great choice for your motivation and results. Sally will listen to your thoughts and concerns and talk it all through with you, offering professional guidance on effective changes that feel achievable and realistic.

You will come away from the consultation with practical ways to upgrade your nutrition and lifestyle to feel your very best.

A consultation with Nuush will help you to:

How our Nutrition consultation works

After you check out we ask you to complete a questionnaire to learn about your past and current health and nutrition. You then use a booking form to reserve your 30-minute consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder. The booking form also gives you a place to explain the reasons you’re seeking advice and what you hope to get from the conversation.

The above information will help Sally to prepare so that you can really get going with your discussion and get the most value from your 30 minutes.

After the consultation Sally will post, in your Nuush account, a summary of what you talked about, along with agreed actions to improve you health, wellness or performance. You are free to book a further consultation at a future date through your account if you would like to discuss your progress or any adjustments.

Why should you trust Nuush?

Nuush provides evidence based advice backed up by many years of experience of working with people from pregnant mothers to elite athletes and all in-between. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity and constantly update our expert knowledge and qualifications. Nuush does not replace clinical diagnosis or treatment; we work alongside to provide added value and guidance.

Nuush is a small business that cares about the individual and about its professional reputation. Our clients consistently say they feel they are comprehensively looked after and that they value the time we spend connecting with them.

We take a person-led approach – that means we listen to each client and jointly agree on the best course of action to suit their life, health, circumstances and beliefs.

Nuush is available to listen to and talk with clients during all of our working hours both privately and through our community group online. We practise openness and honesty at all times as well as honouring confidentiality.

We are also insured to give the advice that we offer.

You can be sure that you are in safe, professional and caring hands when you join Nuush.