Close down daily for spiritual maintenance

Does your phone rule your life? Constantly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, emails and texts?

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Get your life back, rediscover yourself, your loved ones and nature. We encourage daily downtime, especially outdoors, on all our plans – that’s why the only places you see food pics on our site are on our recipe pages 😀🍃

Here are a few tips for reclaiming a little bit of downtime each day:

  • When you wake up don’t unlock your phone for at least an hour.
  • At meal times, put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ or airplane mode and leave it in another room. Keep the TV off too.
  • Have at least 60 mins phone and internet-free each evening, this works nicely combined with a walk.
  • Leave your phone outside the bedroom or switch it off before you get into bed.
  • Try a phone-free Sunday and get outdoors to walk in the fresh air or just spend undivided time with special people! Phones are handy for taking nice pics but try leaving it at home sometimes and being more present in nature.

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