Clean up your kitchen

Before you can clean up your diet it’s a good idea to clean up your kitchen! Chaos, dirt and disorganisation on the outside can lead to chaos on the inside.

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Clean up your kitchen

So have a real clear out of your fridge, freezer and cupboards.

  • Get rid of out of date foods.
  • Clear the cupboards out, wipe the shelves and put stuff back tidily.
  • Store stuff like pasta and flour in jars or containers rather than having split packets and bags.
  • Empty your fridge, clean it and put the vegetables back at eye level, remove the salad drawers and place jars etc on the bottom of the fridge area.
  • Get rid of tempting non-main-meal foods and snacks. Ask yourself “Is this contributing to my healthy eating goals?” If not, bin or donate. Better this than using yourself as a waste disposal unit.
  • Clear and clean the worktop space that you use for food prep.
  • Clean your cooker and oven, and the tiles.
  • Get rid of old kitchen gadgets and equipment that you haven’t used in the past few years, like that ol’ Nutribullet. Celebrate un-liquidised food!
  • Clean out and organise the drawers, especially those ones you leave junk in. Wipe out your cutlery tray.

Hey presto – positive food environment! Invigorated and motivated you!

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