Christmas nibbles make you jiggle!

Get the low-down on how much energy Christmas foods and drinks contain so you can sail through the season without busting your trousers!

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Christmas nibbles make you jiggle!

It’s all so tempting

In the run up to Dec 25 there are parties, drinks with friends, Christmas work do’s, all that tempting stuff at the supermarket, and telly is full of ads for Christmas junk food. People at the office will be getting in the spirit and the daily nibbles will proliferate, mince pies will outnumber staff and there’ll probably be tins of Quality Street all over everywhere.

Combine that with dark nights and hunkering down in your cosy PJs of an evening, fully immobilised, and you can soon end up gaining ghastly amounts of poundage.

Christmas weight gain

People can easily put on up to a stone over Christmas because it’s such an extended celebration period now. Easy to put on, but a right pain to take off, that would be two months to get back to where you started. And the only Muppetry we want is the Christmas Carol kind.

We’re always teaching our Nutrition for Everyone clients to wary of falling into ‘old habits’ around around these temptations throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

Don’t have a calorific Christmas!

I’m going to give you the lowdown on the calories in some typical Christmas eats, in case you’re asking for a friend 😃.

I’ll equate everything to the cals in a doughnut. One doughnut is about 15% of your daily energy needs.

Equal to one doughnut:

  • Mince pie
  • Glass of wine/mulled wine/Prosecco
  • Bottle of beer
  • Quarter of a tube of Pringles
  • Small piece of Christmas cake
  • Two small glasses of Baileys
  • Six Quality Street or Roses
  • Two match-boxes-sizes of Stilton cheese
  • Four small unidentifiable deep fried filo party nibbles
  • Five tablespoons of dip
  • Four dessert spoons of Christmas pudding
  • Two gingerbread men
  • 3-4 pigs in blankets

If you ate all of that, which some people do, it would be the equivalent of more than two whole days-worth of food, without the regular meals that go alongside it.

Your friend can still have the odd Christmas nibble here and there, just advise them to exercise a bit more and reduce portion sizes if they accidentally over-indulge.

Long walks in wintry landscapes help too, as does a lot of Christmas kissing. Mmmm ❤️

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