Mums and our health

Mums play a vital role in their children’s physicality and health. Not just through genes but through how they ate during pre-maternal years and pregnancy.

Real food, supplements and superfoods

We believe in the holistic properties of real food, rather than the singular, man-made properties of a pill or potion, or the focus on a particular fashion food.

Insomnia, and how diet affects sleep

Your diet can have a big impact on your sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or repeatedly wake up early over a long period, then you probably have insomnia.

Health benefits of olive oil

Are you wondering if the health benefits of olive oil are real? They are! And furthermore certain health claims are proven by reliable studies.

How to be a better sugar burner

What is the number one piece of advice I would give to someone who wanted to reverse their Type 2 diabetes? Answer: do more exercise.

Keep your nuts cool

We all know by now that nuts provide a huge amount of good nutrition as well as being tasty. But because of their high fat content nuts can go rancid pretty fast.

Sugar sugar

There’s loads of hysteria about sugar, but you don’t need to cut it out if you understand what it’s doing in your body.


If we only followed our naturally evolved instincts we’d all be a healthy weight with no conscious effort. But appetite is complex!

Late night munchies

Eating late ain’t great! The body is primed to slow down the digestion process as the evening and night wear on, and particularly during sleep.

Vitamins. What even are they?

The science of vitamins is a relatively young one but unless you have a medically diagnosed deficiency it’s better to trust nature than pills to get your vits.

Why phytonutrients are so vital

What even are these phytonutrients? They’re really important for helping us ward off disease and for stopping us decaying as fast!

Effects of alcohol

When considering the effects of alcohol on the body I’ve been saying the same thing for years: there is no safe level of alcohol.

Love pasta

Don’t believe the food police – pasta is awesome.

Why choose unhomogenised milk?

Homogenisation is carried out by squirting milk at very high pressure through a special machine; this breaks up the fat particles and makes them very small so they disperse evenly throughout the milk; it isn’t needed at all to make a food healthier but is simply carried out to make milk look more appealing to consumers.