Human bodies are designed to respond to stress in a number of physiological ways. But the stress they're designed for is short-lived stress like sprinting across a road to avoid being run over, not continued stress of overwork, bad relationships and similar.
We all know the mainstream effects of exercise – increased heart strength, stronger muscles, etc – but there are some huge positive benefits that aren’t generally spoken about.
Back in the day we used to move for literal survival – to find food and escape danger. Today we still need to move for survival, but for very different reasons.
People tend to think that they have to do a spell of hard exercise each day or a few times a week in order for it to affect their weight and health but that's not really true.
What is the number one piece of advice I would give to someone who wanted to reverse their Type 2 diabetes? Answer: do more exercise.
People always ask me what exercise helps with weight loss, but they underestimate the effect that constant movement has on energy burn.
Our bodies are designed to move but often we jump in the car because it's convenient – that's bad for our health and the planet's. Use your legs more!
Well that's easy! It's the one you do, and keep doing. But in an ideal world we'd do a variety of exercise types so that we kept all the muscles working.
Walking is flipping lovely, convenient and cheap, and a very healthy pastime. Get out there and do it!
A suitable diet for runners can be key to fat loss not only for health but also to achieving your running goals.