Bowel cancer risk factors and symptoms

There are around 43,000 cases of bowel cancer each year in the UK and 54% of those are deemed preventable. Action against risk factors and awareness of symptoms could save so many lives.

IBS, stress and the gut-brain connection

IBS is a prevalent condition in the developed world with 10-15% of people world wide suffering its symptoms and about 1 in 3 people in the UK, twice as many women as men.

Food intolerances

The vast majority of people have no true food intolerances, but are persuaded by the media that certain products are the cause of all their ills and weight issues.

Healthy eating pyramid

An easy basis for a healthy eating. Nuush’s alternative, common-sense food pyramid.

The lowdown on bread

Most supermarket-type bread is bad! It cuts out natural dough maturing and introduces gut-inflaming additives. Eat real bread instead.

What is healthy poo?

What is healthy poo? Are you poo’ing too much or not enough? Find out the typical signs of normal poo and what you can do poo more healthily.