Food for thought

Personal choice in diet and exercise

The health and nutrition sector gives out conflicting messages all the time so it’s no wonder people are confused and disordered about eating and exercise.

Super healthy vs super skinny

If you’ve been following Nuush for a while I hope you’ve strongly picked up the vibe that we are about health rather than getting people super-skinny (unless they are naturally that way!) or encouraging six-pack formation!

IBS, stress and the gut-brain connection

IBS is a prevalent condition in the developed world with 10-15% of people world wide suffering its symptoms and about 1 in 3 people in the UK, twice as many women as men.


Thinking that a detox diet or juice cleanse is all you need to rid you of toxins and fat? Not so fast. Learn how awesome your body is with simple good food, sleep and activity.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is essential for living. We store an impressive 1kg of it in our bodies. Did you know that there is as much calcium in plants as there is in dairy?

Protein Priority Order

What is protein and how much protein should you eat each day? Surprisingly for some there is as much protein in vegetables as in meat, dairy and fish.

The thyroid

Despite its diminutive size the thyroid has a huge amount of control over the way the body works. Feeding it with iodine-rich food is good for your health.

Real food, supplements and superfoods

We believe in the holistic properties of real food, rather than the singular, man-made properties of a pill or potion, or the focus on a particular fashion food.

Do nothing every day

Make time for doing nothing Have you noticed people in waiting rooms and queues, at bus stops and on trains, in fact everywhere, as they


If we only followed our naturally evolved instincts we’d all be a healthy weight with no conscious effort. But appetite is complex!

Food as reward

Often when that happens to children they grow up seeing food as a form of perk, a gift to themselves for being good. They feel

Stress and allostatic load

Stress and allostatic load: Stress is a way of life these days, it seems but there are still things we can do to prevent and offset it.

Effects of alcohol

When considering the effects of alcohol on the body I’ve been saying the same thing for years: there is no safe level of alcohol.

Meal planning and preparation

There’s one really simple concept that will hugely increase your healthy eating success. And I mean HUGELY! It’s meal planning and preparation.


Food should be loved, and be a source of daily happiness. Don’t let ‘being on a diet’ become a source of anxiety.

There is no magic diet

Diet companies won’t tell you this, but there is no magic diet. Not even Nuush. The magic lies with you.

Eating at the table

When did you last see your dining table cleared of all the usual house clutter? Eating at the table helps with digestion, mindfulness and it’s just more special!

Make peace with food

Sweets as celebration and reward If you look at food given as gifts or made for children’s parties or family gatherings you’ll usually see it’s

A manifesto for a simpler life

Eat less, move more. Buy less, make more. Stress less, laugh more. Make time, love more. Find a quiet spot every day and breathe. Five

Debunking diet myths

It’s no wonder people get confused about how to stay healthy when there are so many conflicting regimes around.

Intuitive eating

Nuush’s ultimate aim is that you to eat intuitively, for always. We don’t want you to diet, we want you to love living.

Peaceful easy eating

How much food do you need? Do you need to count everything forever? Should everyone eat the same amount? Read on!


Chocolate is something that loads of people can’t stop eating, or can’t imagine living without. But what is it about these brown lumps of fat, sugar, milk (sometimes) and cocoa that has people gripped?

Eat naturally, live calmly

Eat naturally. We tell our clients that it’s important not to think of the nutrition plans as being ‘on a diet’. It’s about eating delicious meals and gaining good health.

Why being active matters

While what you eat has the biggest effect on your weight loss (it’s about 80/20 diet/exercise) exercise is absolutely vital for good health.

New year’s resolutions

Kick off the new year by actively choosing to be healthy. Start a new way of eating for the rest of your life with Nuush.