Human bodies are designed to respond to stress in a number of physiological ways. But the stress they're designed for is short-lived stress like sprinting across a road to avoid being run over, not continued stress of overwork, bad relationships and similar.
What I really want for you and your health and happiness is action and maintenance. Where are you with your health changes?
Well the answer really is "As much as stops them being hungry and not enough to make them feel overfull." But if you’re looking at energy amounts then (approximately) the average male will need about 2,500 calories, females 2,000 calories a day – this is reduced slightly when aiming for fat loss.
Stress and allostatic load: Stress is a way of life these days, it seems but there are still things we can do to prevent and offset it.
When did you last see your dining table cleared of all the usual house clutter? Eating at the table helps with digestion, mindfulness and it's just more special!