Bad fads


Thinking that a detox diet or juice cleanse is all you need to rid you of toxins and fat? Not so fast. Learn how awesome your body is with simple good food, sleep and activity.

Food intolerances

The vast majority of people have no true food intolerances, but are persuaded by the media that certain products are the cause of all their ills and weight issues.

Low carb high fat

Anyone who says you can eat as much fat as you like without getting fat is a stranger to science or seriously deluded! Low carb high fat is not a sensible way to eat.

Why clean eating makes people feel dirty

The rise of ‘clean eating’ sees people running scared from anything that’s not a sweet potato or avocado or scattered with chia seeds. But how much credibility does it have?

The lowdown on bread

Most supermarket-type bread is bad! It cuts out natural dough maturing and introduces gut-inflaming additives. Eat real bread instead.

Correct food portion sizes

Forget calorie counting, it’s no way to live! Correct food portion sizes can be worked out by using something we have with us all the time. Our hands.

Why choose unhomogenised milk?

Homogenisation is carried out by squirting milk at very high pressure through a special machine; this breaks up the fat particles and makes them very small so they disperse evenly throughout the milk; it isn’t needed at all to make a food healthier but is simply carried out to make milk look more appealing to consumers.

The maligned potato

It’s sad that the awesome potato has become a victim of the current trend against carbs, because it makes a great contribution to the diet in terms of nutrients and fibre, inexpensively.

Alkaline diet. *sigh*

One of the latest fad diets is the alkaline diet. Celebs such as Victoria Beckham and Robbie Williams are currently said to be following the regime. Here’s why it’s a really bad idea.