Can a weekly diet meal plan and exercise make us live longer?

I’m going out on a limb here and saying a big unscientific YES! Sometimes common sense overrides science, although there is plenty of evidence that eating well and staying active lengthens life. Not just diet and weekly diet meal plans but whole lifestyle – eating well, being active, reducing stress, not smoking, limiting alcohol, breathing unpolluted air, and so on.

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Can a weekly diet meal plan and exercise make us live longer?

What’s it worth?

Our bodies are like finely engineered performance cars, if we give them the wrong fuel and leave them sitting in the garage they won’t function properly and then they’ll probably fall apart and soon enough not start at all. But the value of our health is far far greater than the most expensive car in the world world (£3.9m). In fact if you were dying and could buy your life back how much would you pay? It’s priceless, so we must look after and prolong it.

Which regime is best?

There are so many studies looking at this diet or that diet in terms of the longevity effects, the Mediterranean diet being a popular one – it’s thought to be very healthy. But essentially it’s down to the factors that we recommend at Nuush, and that is all natural foods in moderation, alongside daily activity and an un-sedentary lifestyle like don’t drive if you can walk, don’t take the lift if there are stairs. Revert to a more natural way of living.

What to do then?

Ageing is the progressive loss of physical and mental capabilities. It’s inevitable, but we can slow it down and go a long way to preventing some of the major killer diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

When you wake up each day have a good think about being alive, and the privilege that it is. Think about what you will do that day to look after your body the best you can. Treat it as if it was your last day and then someone said you could live on if you did X, Y and Z today (following a simple healthy eating plan, not being stressed, taking exercise).

Your life is in your hands. You matter, not just to you but to others. The world is a great place to live, so much to see, wonder-at and experience. Nobody should jeopardise that by eating rubbish, not moving and getting stressed about ‘stuff’.

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