Break the mindless snacking habit

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Break the snacking habit

Do you find it hard to break the mindless snacking habit?

For instance when you’re boiling the kettle and you make a piece of toast or have a few teaspoons of peanut butter or some chocolate? Or you wander into the kitchen late at night on the hunt for easy eats?

What can you do?!

Well this seems a bit odd but listen, try getting up close and personal with the food. Open the cupboard or fridge, get the food out, look at it really properly, smell it then…

…put it back, close the cupboard or fridge and walk away. You can go back in and do it again but each time you put that stuff back and leave the room. When you leave the room do something else for a few mins.


By interacting with the food you get more aware of what you’re actually doing. And then you set a new strong habit. That’s what you do now, this is you, the person who walks away from random snacking and soon the person who doesn’t even think about it.

You are allowed a few mince pies on Christmas week though, we’re not that Scroogey! 🙂

The food on our Nutrition for Everyone meal plans keeps you fuller for longer, helping you break your snacking habit.

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