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Detox diet plan


Thinking that a detox diet or juice cleanse is all you need to rid you of toxins and fat? Not so fast. Learn how awesome your body is with simple good food, sleep and activity.

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Eat better, and the right amount for you.

We help you to eat and live more intuitively for a happy, healthy life.


Be more active outdoors.

Great health is about more than what you eat or drink, it’s also about how active you are.


Relax more and get better sleep.

If you’re stressed, eating often heads down an unhealthy path.


Spend more time with loved ones and in nature.

Have more time to spend with people who matter to you, and in the beautiful natural world.

The wonders of a Mediterranean-style diet

The health benefits of the Mediterranean-style diet are supported by robust scientific evidence. But what does the diet consist of and can it be eaten outside its usual context with the same health outcomes?

Vitamin E

What is Vitamin E, why do we need it and where do we get it? It’s a mind-boggling vit that we need its antioxidant powers and it’s in oily fish, leafy greens and more.

Our new name is Nuush

Meet Nuush, the new name for fitnaturally. New branding that reflects our vibe, but the same caring, professional nutrition business.

Nuush’s hunger and fullness scale

Calorie counting is a bore, it takes the joy out of eating and makes a ton of stress. Get back in touch with just knowing when you’re hungry and when you’re full.

Vitamin D

Vitamins are nutrients that we need to get from food because our bodies don’t make them, but food is a very poor source of vitamin D; instead our bodies make it in response to skin exposure to sunlight.

Screens make screams

Have you noticed how when people get a spare few minutes these days they instantly turn to a screen – their phone, laptop or tablet – even after getting into bed?

Omega-6 and omega-3 foods

Omega-6 tends to get all the attention. Get the balance between your omegas right by eating plenty of omega-3 foods.

Your stomach is an amazing thing

We all take our digestive systems and stomachs for granted. We push food in at the top, it comes out at the bottom and we forget the absolute miracles and magic that take place in-between!

Nuush’s portion size guide

Instead of living with the bore of weighing food, counting points or calories and tapping everything you eat into a phone you can use nature’s custom-designed tool – your hands!

Detox diets, juice diets. The truth.

January is a popular time for detox diets – juice cleanses, fasts, gluten- and dairy-free diets abound. But the question is – what are the toxins?

Food and mood

Certain neurotransmitters affect our ‘mood’ by making us more alert and hyper or by doing the reverse and helping to calm us. Boost your mood with natural light and good food!

The Game Changers Netflix documentary

I’ve been inundated with questions about the validity of information in this Netflix documentary which promotes a plant-based (that’s vegan to you and me) diet.

A cuppa with… Beckie Ings

Meet Beckie. Nuush member who can’t be trusted around clotted cream and once once made a goat’s cheese salad for Amanda Mealing from Casualty!