Blitz your kitchen

So it’s spring, and nearly summer (even though it’s been snowing recently!), and you’ve sorted out your summer clothes, put your old woolly hats and winter boots away and you’re ready to hit the season! Hang on though, what about your kitchen?

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Blitz your kitchen

It could be time to clean your kitchen cabinets

Over the winter you probably hunkered down and accumulated all sorts of stuff in the kitchen cupboards that you no longer know is there, or is half open and spilling out all over the place. Every time you open a cupboard door or the fridge you feel turmoil cos it looks like a burglar has rifled through everything. Right?

Time for a kitchen blitz! Cleaning and reordering your food stores and cooking stuff will help you feel on top of your healthy eating and take away any tempting items such as that unopened Stollen your Aunty Sandra bought you for Christmas.

Kitchen spring cleaning tips

One cupboard at a time take out all the contents so you can see everything at once, sort out the bits you’ll never use and either pass them on to someone who will use them, or dispose of them another way, along with out of date stuff.

Any dry loose food like rice, nuts, seeds and pasta can be stored in glass jars and labelled.

Once all the stuff is out and sorted clean the kitchen cabinets, including the top of them and put stuff back tidily and in some sort of sensible order.

Spring cleaning tips for your fridge and freezer

Next, tackle the fridge and freezer. Defrost the freezer and get rid of stuff that’s no longer of use. Clear out all those old loose peas that are rolling around in there too 🙂 Once that’s done, put the stuff back nice and tidily. If you have surplus veg boil it up and make some stock for risottos, sauces and gravy. Freeze it.

Sort the fridge out. Remove the salad drawers and put the vegetables and salad at a higher level where it’s on view all the time. Then you’ll always be able to see what’s there and won’t get to the end of each week with loads of unused veg. You can take the drawers out completely or use them to store jars of food.

Have a good sort out of your pots and pans, crockery, plastic tubs, utensils and cutlery. Clean out the drawers and containers, recycle stuff you’ll never use, or take it to the charity shop.

Clean the hob and oven and wipe down the fronts of the units.

Clean the window/s and door/s. Yes you can now see outside 😉 (by the way I’m just as bad as you!)

Hey presto your kitchen spring clean is complete and you have a sparkly new kitchen that will make you feel calmer and much more knowledgeable about what’s in store for the summer!

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