Stella Stothart

Nuush came to my rescue as the enabler of my wish to lose a little weight to help manage joint pain from arthritis in my knee in my late 60s. Having now turned 70 I am fitter, lighter and with shed loads of get up and go all thanks to ‘the plan’.

Now it is just part of my life but one that is never monotonous or a chore. How brilliant to enjoy gorgeous food that you just know is the bees knees of nutrition on a daily basis and all without having to think too much about it.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

I first came across Nuush when I did a 50km walk for a charity that just happened to be the one supported by Nuush’s Every Day in May event in 2015. That said I had never before done such an endurance event but have always enjoyed exercise of the more class-based kind in the evenings, especially dancing.

Whether it was pounding the pavements of London for all those km or just general wear and tear, I started getting a lot of pain from arthritis in my knee and having read that even a few pounds less can really be of benefit, I decided, in 2018, to give a Nuush nutrition plan a go.

Signing up in mid July of that year at 11 stone, I eased myself into following the plan and by December of the same year was down to 9 stone 10 lbs. And it seemed easy, apart from totally ditching the snacking which I do still struggle with. But, to my deep satisfaction, I have maintained my weight at 10 stone give or take a pound or two for the past 20 months or so.

But, for me, that is just figures and there is so much more to it than that. Although the weight loss has definitely been of benefit to – though obviously not a fix for – arthritis, I also enjoy other benefits of maintained nutrition and lifestyle changes: energy, stress management and a general feeling of well being.

And you can’t put a price on that.

Stella’s happy knees 🙂