Sarah Kelleway

After years of faddy dieting, I was fed up.

I’d tried most diets going, had periods of being very slim (but not very healthy) and periods of considerable weight gain, all of which led me to feel rubbish.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

After becoming a mum in 2019, I was determined that my son wouldn’t pick up my unhealthy habits – which meant *I* needed to completely reset my outlook on food, fitness and my lifestyle in general. I wanted to enjoy food again, rather than seeing it as the enemy, and I also wanted to live healthily and happily.

When I discovered Nuush in January 2020, I was working my way through a diagnosis of post-natal depression, had totally lost my confidence and had very little respect for myself or my body. Since following Sally’s approach, I’ve lost over 2.5 stone in eight months, have fallen back in love with running, and I’ve begun to prioritise sleep and self-care.

Finally, I feel like I can enjoy cooking and eating utterly delicious food, while treating my body with the amazing respect it deserves. What’s more, my little boy now has a happy and energetic mum, who’s well on the road to recovery and finally looking forward to everything to come in life.