Paul Gribbon

Paul Gribbon ran a 15 mile race then sent us the feedback below. It’s really common to overeat around endurance training and racing, in the mistaken hope that it will improve your energy and time – sometimes/often it does quite the opposite.

Plan: Bespoke Nutrition

So. . . I have to say that I was a little surprised about the plans for Friday and Saturday to prepare me for the race today. I mean, where were the mounds of pasta? Why did breakfast only consist of one bowl of porridge, and not porridge/toast/peanut butter/banana?

As it turns out, I felt great throughout the race and still had loads in the tank towards the finish. Having a gel every 25 minutes (after the first hour) suited me well.

I think the biggest change over last year was that I felt far stronger and could have kept going for another five miles without trouble. It obviously helps that I’ve put in the training miles (trying far harder to eliminate the ‘grey zone’ and go hard or easy) but the changes through Nuush have underpinned it all.

So onwards to Brighton Marathon, and REMEMBER – “Trust Sal”