Maggie Smyth

I have entered a new phase in my life of retirement and without Nuush I would not be in the fantastic place that I find myself.

When I turned to Nuush for help at the end of November 2015 I was, I admit, in a bad state physically and mentally. Since then with Sally’s expert advice, support and humour I have not only lost weight physically but a huge mental weight is off my shoulders.

The stats are: I’ve lost 21lbs, reduced my visceral fat and lost a total of 19cm off my waist plus much more.

I cannot thank you enough Sally and your team, I really would not be in this fantastic state to start my new journey. I can assure you that I will live the Nuush way and promote it wherever I can.

And of course I learnt how to make a sourdough loaf. Don’t let anyone say I give up easily and in fact one will be baked tonight!