Kate Armstrong

I met Sally at the Tri club, where she would glide swan-like up and down the pool, and I would windmill my way through the session, gasping and spluttering my way to the end of the lane, just as everyone was setting off again!

Plan: Sports Nutrition
Kate Armstrong

I love my sport, and getting out in the fresh air, but I also have a very stressful job, which involves unpredictable shift work, and trying to squeeze everything in around them. I was living on toast, KitKats (of all varieties) and cheese and onion crisps.

By the time I got to menopause time, I had started to feel a bit rough unsurprisingly. I had looked into, and tried, loads of the suggested nutrition plans for sporty people. They suggested things like not eating bread (noooooo! I love bread), don’t eat cheese, have a coconut with every meal (whey – a Bounty!) – none of these things appeared to be sustainable to me. I didn’t need to lose weight, I just needed to eat properly to give me enough energy to work my odd hours and train as I wanted to.

Then I remembered Sally, got in touch, and never looked back.

I started off with a bespoke sports nutrition plan, which taught me how to eat, when to eat, and most importantly how much to eat to fuel me through my topsy-turvy day.

In 2015, I had set my sights on swimming the Coniston End to End, a 5.25 mile swim from one end of Coniston Lake to the other. Conditions were perfect, but I only managed to get to 5km, before I got too cold and had to get out. I decided I had to go back in 2016, and in worse conditions and colder water, I did it.

The difference was Sally and her nutritional input, which had allowed me to train properly for the event, and then fuel up for the day itself.

Nuush has taught me how to eat in a normal, sustainable way. I like the fact that there are no fads, that it is a disciplined way of eating, and that it encourages an enjoyment of the outdoors. Best money I have ever spent.

Thanks Sally.

Note from Sal: Kate is a very talented, fast, runner, which she forgets to mention!