I have been an active person for quite a few years. I run a lot, have done various half marathons, a couple of full marathons and mini triathlons.

I have also been overweight for many years. People say I carry it well because I am tall. It’s not so great to be carrying extra weight around when you like to be active though.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

Initially I ‘liked’ Nuush on Facebook and read with interest the engaging and interesting topics that were being discussed. I was on onlooker. I knew at some stage I would jump in though as I wanted to lose weight. There were a few triggers for me that made me make the decision to sign up to the nutrition plans. One being that my running was becoming harder and whilst those around me were making improvements, my running was getting more difficult and my times were getting slower.

The point I decided to sign up was when I saw a testimonial from a lady who had been on the plans and had lost a lot of weight resulting in knocking huge chunks off her running times. This was what I wanted and could see it could be achieved. I was really interested in the whole ethos behind Nuush and realised that I was ready to take action and make the changes. I’ve tried various diets in the past and none have been that effective. This was all about to change!

As I write this, I am only a few weeks into following the nutrition plans. I could already write a book about the benefits. Firstly, the thing about this plan which differs from every other ‘diet’ I have been on, is that it I do not feel like I am on a diet at all. This is a nutrition plan and it’s amazing. Each week a fantastic nutrition plan for the week pops into my inbox. This takes all the hassle out of thinking about what I should eat and when. It has given me a structure to my eating. I have never felt hungry on this plan and have never felt like I’m missing out. I love the fact that this is normal healthy eating, which will definitely be sustainable for the rest of my life, because it’s easy. I still smile to myself each week when I receive the food plans because the food is all delicious. You are even allowed the odd bit of chocolate and wine! I have already lost 10lbs by eating the Nuush way. The weight loss is very pleasing, but that is not the be all and end all to me anymore. This plan is teaching me that I can eat fabulous, tasty food and provide my body with excellent nutrition and feel great. My family are also benefiting from this nutrition plan, which is such a good thing.

I cannot thank Sally enough. She has been the most amazing support. She knows everything there is to know about nutrition and fitness. She is a constant encourager and gives excellent advice, which has already helped me attain some goals. You know that Sally is 100% behind you and understands each person as an individual. She’s always there at the end of an email or on Facebook or Twitter to answer any questions! In fact I wonder if she ever leaves the computer.

I feel amazing. My skin is clearer, I wake up in the morning feeling more energised, my clothes are looser and I feel in control. I know I have a bit of a way to go to reach my goal weight but the journey there is proving invaluable.

Oh yeah, whilst being on the nutrition plans over the last few weeks, I have already got a 5k PB and a half-marathon PB. That is what I call – a result!

Thanks Nuush!