Janey Beasley

I have been following Nuush food plans now for about a month and it is the best decision I have made in a long time. I have been a lifelong yo-yo dieter which has just resulted in me doubling my body weight over the last 45 years, I also have the kind of relationship with food that sees it as the enemy I love!

But I can see this beginning to heal as I use the food plans devised by Sally.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone
Janey Beasley

I resisted for a while because I just didn’t want to try yet another diet but after feeling very fat and unfit after a day with my grandson I knew I needed to do something.  My aim was to feel healthier and and not have so many of those days when I was tired and just felt ‘out of sorts’, if I lost some weight along the way that would be good too.

I felt the benefits almost immediately, within a few days I was not suffering from indigestion, and was beginning to feel less sluggish and tired.  Over 4 weeks I have lost 11 lbs, I have eaten delicious food and I haven’t had to embark on a rigorous exercise regime, for me that is a total winner.  The plan is based on 3 good meals and no snacking, as a grazer I wondered how I would manage but surprisingly it took only a week or so to stop my snacks or to change to fruit if I was really hungry. The meals really are delicious and so filling.

The other benefits are that we have spent less on our weekly shop – enough to compensate for the cost of Nuush, we don’t waste any food because we only buy what I know we need. My husband has said it’s like eating in a restaurant every day!  Like many of us, my mental health has been shaky during this past year and having my plan and recipes there for me I have enjoyed the cooking and each day I have spent some time making lunch and supper, which has put a good rhythm into the day for me.

So the holistic aims of Nuush, to help me eat better, exercise in the fresh air and sleep well are fast becoming ingrained in my lifestyle. All diets say they are a lifestyle change but Nuush says this and they aren’t fibbing this is a way of life that you can stick to forever. There is leeway for those ‘special occasions’ but they are special and happen occasionally, every day we need to eat good food in the right amounts to stay healthy.

It’s not about denial but embracing the richness of pure natural food, I even have a few chocolate buttons each day, cos I love them! I will be carrying on with Nuush for a long time now, I love to cook and to eat but Sally does all the planning and making sure it is balanced -what could possibly be better than that!

There’s more I could say but for now Thank You Nuush,  joining you has made a real difference to me and my health.