Gaynor Sykes

Nuush has without a doubt been the best thing I have done to shed my post-baby weight and re-gain my confidence and joie de vivre.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

I had seen the amazing results achieved by a couple of friends who had done the programme and so signed myself up on New Year’s Day feeling about as low as I could have given the number of pounds that had crept up on me since becoming a mum of two.

Fast forward six months and I am now bouncing around again, receiving lovely and positive comments everywhere I go, having lost 2 stone 2 lbs to date. The genuinely lovely/tasty food on the programme, together with Sally’s spot-on motivation and support, has literally transformed me and my life, and I really enjoy discovering the tasty new recipes each week. I always pick the options that will work for my family, adapting as necessary for the children, and absolutely love that the time and stress of meal-planning is all taken care of. The main thing I love is that the programme is real to life, with real, wholesome and super tasty food, allowing a curry, bacon and eggs, even the odd croissant and (dark) chocolate most weeks, so you never feel deprived.

I am always very honest in my weekly feedback, and really welcome and need Sally’s guidance to keep me on track.

I literally cannot recommend Nuush any more highly – I feel like a new woman!

Thank you, thank you xx