Emma Goldberg

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

I have been a client of Nuush for about 18 months and absolutely love it. I haven’t joined for weight loss reasons especially, although I’m 46 and am quite conscious that as I slow down, I don’t want to gain weight. I personally joined because I wanted to eat healthy food.

I love cooking but sometimes just get stuck in a rut. This has been brilliant for me. Diverse ideas, some favourites that you get to know and look out for, and all healthy and good for you. Meanwhile, I have been suffering from post viral fatigue, and even at my most inactive, I don’t believe I’ve put on weight. I’m also sure that eating healthily is a key strand in coming out of it. Gentle encouragement to live a holistically healthy life, with information about how and why, is providing me with so much motivation.

I love fitnaturally*, and cant wait to embrace Nuush.


*we were called fitnaturally until September 2020.