Emily Luijbregts

I’m on the eatmaternally for pregnancy [Note: discontinued as of March 2018] plan as I’m currently pregnant, and after being on Bespoke Nutrition for a while when I was running lots of marathons, I wanted to give my baby and myself the best opportunity for a healthy pregnancy, knowing that I was getting the right nutrients etc.

Plan: Nutrition for Everyone

So… I head to the midwife yesterday, I get weighed, checked and results from blood tests are back. They’re all A*. She wanted to give me some nutrition advice but after showing her that weeks plan and what I was doing she was so interested she took down Nuush’s details and said she wanted to have a look to maybe tell other clients!

We have the ‘big’ scan on Monday but everything is growing perfectly and I feel so great if you didn’t see my belly you wouldn’t realise I was pregnant! Plenty of energy, feeling happy and content! My colleagues can’t understand it as their wives were ‘utter demons’ when pregnant and I’m acting like it’s not even phasing me. I thank my diet and fitnat for that!

So THANK YOU Sally x