Clare Cunningham

I first started working with Sally when I returned to work after a six month sabbatical to focus on training for major paratriathlon races in 2011.

I was struggling to re-adapt to working and training, my diet had deteriorated and I felt constantly lethargic.

Plan: Sports Nutrition
Clare Cunningham in Rio 2016

I had researched several sports nutritionists and whilst they could offer advice for an elite athlete, few appeared to be able to adjust the advice to my hectic life. I simply wanted healthy, balanced nutrition advice to help me reach my athletic potential.

Sally took into account my busy lifestyle, which often involves ‘food-on-the-go’, and ensured I was eating optimally around training sessions. Within two weeks the lethargy had gone, I had lost two kilograms and I was enjoying a varied, healthy diet trying foods I had previously thought I disliked!

Sally’s client service is second to none.

Having been born without my left forearm I struggled to measure body fat using scales available on the market. Sally went out of her way to try to find a solution, contacting numerous companies and disability sport associations. Sally is incredibly supportive and made herself available to change plans at the last minute if my schedule changed.

In four months we managed to hone my body composition to a level that surpassed my expectations, resulting in me being leaner, stronger and full of energy for the start of the 2012 triathlon season.

I was lucky enough to be given a bipartite invitation to race at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. I did absolutely everything I possibly could to be in the best possible shape on race day and with the help of Sally at fitnaturally, I nailed my nutrition to reach optimal body composition whilst staying healthy, during a period of pretty tough training sessions.