Chris Flavell

Plan: Sports Nutrition

So why am I with Nuush? Well, at first it was a case of losing more weight. After many years of sedentary-nothing I re-discovered a desire for triathlon, and through training and eating changes I had shifted six stone (started at 19) on my own but hit that point where no more would move and I needed help. I knew this wasn’t a diet per se, but knowing that I didn’t need to decide what to eat, and when, appealed to the nature of a triathlete who follows a structured training plan.

Since joining it’s been a roller coaster on the weight front as I get to grips with the plan. What I can say is the food on the plans is A-MA-ZING. I’m in love with some of the recipes, and every week is a treat.

I am sure that Sally must have the patience of a saint having to deal with clients who are a bit forgetful with things like movements, weigh-ins etc. She has been immensely supportive and encouraging despite my foibles.

What I have learned though is that it isn’t about “dieting”, it’s about a lifestyle choice, just eating for better health and wellbeing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect when it comes to following what I should eat, and I can be a naughty boy (especially if it involves peanut butter), but I have never felt so good around my training and racing as I do now. I have my issues that I need to address with food, but through doggedness I know that I will get there with Sally’s help.

And lets face it, if I can look half as good as she does at her age then there has to be something right with what she is doing.