Carrie Cowx

Back in the day I managed to throw myself round a few marathons, Olympic distance triathlons and open water swims, which I still love!

Then I moved to the countryside and got pregnant with my first daughter. Getting back in shape wasn’t too bad, however I was far, far from healthy. I’d gone too far the other way with not eating or looking after myself, I had no energy and my stress levels with a baby hit a new high.

Plan: Nutrition for Families
Carrie Cowx

Note: When we were known as fitnaturally, Carrie was a member of our ‘eatmaternally’ plans, which we discontinued. Anyone with a young family would benefit from Nutrition for Families. If you’re pregnant please get in touch.

My original reason for signing up to fitnaturally was that I needed stability and someone else to take the weekly shop stress away from me, I was wasting most of anything fresh I bought and got stuck in a rut.

Then I got pregnant with my second daughter and moved to the eatmaternally for pregnancy plan and it was wonderful, knowing I was getting all the right foods took away the worry of cooking and shopping while I ran around after my toddler!

This time I naturally lost any weight I gained through eating well and chasing my children. I’m now at the end of my third pregnancy and my blood pressure and iron levels are the best they’ve ever been. It’s all down to the correct nutrition and it’s wonderful – I’ve even got my husband to eat aubergine!

I want my children to eat fresh home-cooked healthy foods, not always easy with toddlers but they’re learning from how we eat, shop and cook. It’s been a great learning curve for me too. The recipes are so easy and I feel I’ve grown as a cook (I play fast and loose with garlic always!)

I can’t recommend fitnaturally’s plans enough, especially through pregnancy and after. It’s a relief to know both myself and my future little boy are getting what we need. I couldn’t have got through three pregnancies in four years without the support of fitnaturally!