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Support your health and feel better with Mediterranean-style nutrition

Something you can take charge of regarding your wellbeing is what you eat. Food is a powerful form of disease prevention as well as supporting health and healing. 

It can be so confusing knowing what to eat for the best, we understand that. Put your trust in Nuush and we will make you affordable weekly nutrition plans full of simple, delicious food that will give your body what it needs.

What nutrition plans do we offer?

Nutrition for Everyone

Whether your goal is to be better nourished, to lose weight, to have a happy relationship with food or simply to hand over the task of weekly meal planning to a nutrition advisor and get new easy meal ideas, we’ll help you achieve it.​

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Personalised Nutrition

Do you need help with managing your eating to support your health and to feel more energised and resilient? Do you have a complex, busy life or a lot on your mind with little time to think about eating? Or maybe you are just confused about what to eat for the best?

A nutrition plan fully customised to your daily life, with one-to-one support from a Nuush professional is the option for you.

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Basic Nutrition

The awesome Nutrition for Everyone plan pared down to its essentials. We include plenty of variety – the plan is suitable for meat eaters, fish eaters and vegetarians.​

Discount not available on this plan.

Or maybe you would benefit from a consultation?

Nutrition Consultation

Arrange a 30-minute consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and head nutrition advisor, to talk through the best food and lifestyle options to support your health and wellbeing.

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Medichecks Consultation

Get your Medichecks blood tests through Nuush. We will help you choose the right test(s) – at 10% off the standard price. We'll guide you through the accompanying Medichecks doctor’s report and how you might approach discussions with your GP.

Use discount code ADDENBROOKE for 10% off at checkout. See below for terms.

Discount code terms

  • Applies to the Standard price only.
  • Applies to new clients and those returning from a break.
  • Applies to the first payment only. Subsequent payments are charged at the full rate.

Who is Nuush?

Nuush was created, and is run, by Sally Pinnegar.

Sally is a level 4 qualified Nutrition Adviser and Personal Trainer and an undergraduate in nutritional therapy. For the last 25+ years she has supported well over a thousand people to get to their healthiest and stay there.

She is supported by a small and passionate team, focused on helping you get the best from your time with us. 

And then there’s Scout the sheepdog, Lottie the springer, Evie the Dachsund, Pepper, Minty and Emily the cats and several rescued chickens who all “help” Sally at Nuush HQ by constantly inviting her to play ball-ee or by standing on her keyboard while she’s writing awesome nutrition plans.

What does Nuush mean?

First of all we need to explain that our original name was fitnaturally. But, while we still love that name, it became a drawback because of the word ‘fit’ – many people have said “Ohhh I thought you were only for fit people!”. Very much not the case.

The majority of our clients are not into triathlons or marathons but are just wanting to eat better, lose some weight if they need to, and feel wonderful.

Read the blog post linked below for more details about our name.

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