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Hi. I'm Sally.

I created Nuush because I have a passion for helping people to feel their best. For the last 25+ years I have supported over a thousand people to get to their healthiest and stay there.

I’m a qualified Nutrition Adviser with an advanced diploma in nutrition and weight management, and level 4 Personal Trainer. I’m in the final year of a BSc (Hons) in nutritional therapy.

Sally Pinnegar, founder of Nuush

I don’t have a back story of coming to nutrition through being ill myself or of following any restrictive or unusual eating regimes. I came to nutrition through something that has always burned within me, an absolute unrelenting passion for health, great food, the outdoors and for supporting anyone I can to share that love and to feel their very best.

My aim is to bring the joy back to healthy eating, using the Mediterranean diet as a basis. The Med diet is backed by robust evidence and is an inclusive rather than a restrictive way to eat. I help people love their lives and get the most out of them, naturally. To go outdoors and chill or be active without having to record distance, speed, intensity or time. To practise functional fitness by carrying out life’s daily tasks such as gardening, walking the dog, walking to the shops or cycling to work. To love and take solace in the natural world and spend valuable time with people who are important to them.

It’s not as easy to sell this concept as it is to sell a strict regime or a fad, and you won’t see me flashing my abs around the place or anything like that 🙂 If, in my lifetime, I can help just a few thousand people to feel their very best and pass on this knowledge and some great healthy habits then that is enough to start a revolution. I hope you will be one of them.

Four key things you should know about us

We sell nutrition plans, not diets.

A nutrition plan on a Nuush subscription gives you the tools to rebuild a peaceful relationship with food. That means not obsessing about this, that and the other or cutting out whole food groups or thinking you have to look 'ripped'. The true meaning of the word diet comes from the Greek word 'dieta' which means 'way of life' and that's what Nuush coaches, a way of life with one of the elements being nutrition.

We nurture positive eating, experiencing the joy of good food and listening to your body's hunger and fullness signals. Nuush will never try and sell you poppycock, prescribe supplements, meal replacements or pond-like shakes, or make you eat anything low fat that shouldn't be low fat. Our joy is in giving you a variety great food at mealtimes, 'til you're comfortably full.

Sally is qualified and insured to advise on everyday eating according to public health guidelines, and on eating for sport. For clinical nutrition you should should use a registered dietitian or registered nutritionist.

We believe in being active outdoors

All of us at Nuush love being outside. In all weathers! We jump up and down at the thought of you doing any outdoor activity. You don't need to run marathons or cycle 500 miles unless that's your vibe; simply walking every day is a beautiful thing for body and soul. No need to bust a gut, just move more often, in nature if you can. *Gets wellies on and walks up to the fields to swoon over trees*.

Please note: You don't have to be an exerciser to use our food plans! But when you join we might keep suggesting you at least sit outside and eat your sandwiches.

We believe in speaking plainly

How we write says a lot about us. Our tone of voice and the words we use reflect what we stand for. We try our best to always be inclusive and welcoming.

We also believe in writing plainly, speaking your language and we allow our personalities and humour to shine through while remaining professional and serious about the business. But we want to be accountable so if we sometimes fall short with our language please tell us.

We want to help you become your healthiest

Our subscriptions don't lock you in. When you achieve your weight loss or health goal you can go forward with our hopes, carrying the knowledge that we've instilled in you.

Of course we'd love it if you stayed with us. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of having ongoing access to a balanced nutrition plan, with lots of seasonal variety, written for them every week.

We're here for you when you're ready to take charge of your nutrition and health.

The Nutrition for Everyone plan gives you the framework to find your own healthy sweet spot. We don't get you mixed up in a wacky new system, we do our very best to help you have a happy relationship with food, maybe for the first time in your life.

Sally in her kitchen happy place

Sally Pinnegar


Sally has been in the health and fitness industry since 1993; starting as a fitness instructor, moving into personal training, sports nutrition, and general healthy eating for the wider population.

She is the founder of Nuush, based on her strong beliefs that food and fitness should work closely with nature, both as a provider and as an environment. Sally is known for her inspiring and supportive approach and for her boundless knowledge about the human body and its energy systems.

She is an avid runner and swimmer and has competed in several marathons and triathlons but is now happy to walk and jog across the fields with her dogs.


Thomas Johnston

Chief Nerd

Thomas puts the tasteful-styling zing into Nuush literally when you are fast asleep!

His brain lights up with all sorts of brilliant, logical and useful stuff between the hours of 10pm and 3am. He is also forced to fix the IT things Sally never breaks on purpose.

Thomas also has an inside track on Nuush nutrition, having honed his body via our Nutrition for Everyone plan before he ran his first marathon in 2012. Yes, he is the world’s top, stylish, indispensable geek!

Thomas runs lots for health and pleasure, usually through the drumlins of county Down.

Iain Haeger

Iain Haeger

Business Manager

Iain manages all Nuush’s accounting and business planning. He has a vested interest as he is Sally’s brother. Nuush & bro!

Sally’s fond memories of Iain include the time, when she was 9, when he asked her if she wanted a glass of Coke but instead poured her a glass of malt vinegar.

Without him Nuush would be in quite a serious tangle. Iain enjoys hill walking, particularly in the beautiful Lake District with wife Denise and their dog Betty. Iain is one of the calmest people in the world, EVER!

Sally and scout. On a beach.


Moral Support

Scout is a Welsh Sheepdog. He was born on 23 October 2011 on a farm in North Wales but now lives in darkest Cambs and dingos his way for miles around the fields with Sally every day.

He also tastes the recipes, whether he’s asked to or not…

Much to his dismay he shares his home with Lottie the Springer Spaniel; Emily, Pepper and Minty the cats, and several rescue hens – who all boss him about! Scout spends a lot of time outdoors with his mum and has phobias about hi-viz, bin trucks and feet.