A manifesto for a simpler life

Discover a simple approach to improving your health through better nutrition, reducing stress and embracing nature and meaningful connections. Let’s make positive changes together.

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A manifesto for a simpler life

Five things that Nuush helps you achieve

  • Eat less, move more.
  • Buy less, make more.
  • Stress less, laugh more.
  • Make time, love more.
  • Find a quiet spot every day and breathe.

Eat less, move more

Is a simple way to approach your health without stressing about eating and exercise loads. It should really say ‘eat as much as you need, and better’, which is what you will learn to do intuitively using our nutrition plans.

Buy less, make more

This can apply to loads of things, including food. Making food from scratch instead of buying ready-made processed stuff saves money and helps save the planet – less packaging and processing power, fewer manufactured additives. Also declutter your life by buying less stuff and you might find you can think more clearly and have more calming space around you.

Stress less, laugh more

How easy is it to get wound up by things that we really have no control over? But all it does is make us ill. If we can learn to let things go and have more of a ‘que sera sera’ attitude we save ourselves so much grief and can live more calmly and happily.

Make time, love more

For me this was ‘the one’. We can get so caught up in work and other stuff that we forget to spend time with people who really matter to us and that’s so important, and what life is really about.

Find a quiet spot every day and breathe

Well you know we encourage you to spend time in nature every day. It helps to put life and its problems into perspective. You realise you’re such a small cog in a world full of wonder; nature happens in spite of anything we’re going through, it goes through its cycles and steadily gets on with its ‘thing’.

Trees stand through hundreds of years, seeing wars and droughts and floods but managing to grow tall and strong, it’s truly grounding. Apart from that it’s better than a gym and will make your skin glow!

So pick the one that resonates and quietly make it happen.

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