A cuppa with… Owain Williams

Meet Owain, who loves prawns, cooking, and can now run sub 3hr marathons!

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Web Developer for a Digital Agency in Edinburgh.

What county/country do you live in?


What made you choose Nuush?

I liked the look of the Sports Nutrition plans for fuelling my training and racing.

How long have you been with Nuush and had you tried other diets?

Erm, I think I’ve been a Nuusher for about a year. I’ve never tried any other diets and I wouldn’t even call Nuush a diet. It’s a way of life, it’s a sustainable way of keeping / getting healthy.

What inspires you?

That’s a good question. I’m inspired by other runners. I’m inspired by people who have overcome illness, my wife for example. She’s been through some tough years but she keeps on pushing, she keeps on getting back on the horse and has just ran her first half marathon since her illness was diagnosed.

What’s your desert island food?

In the past I would have probably have said prawn cocktail. I love prawns! But now it would be peanut butter and basil salad sandwiches or maybe a slice of salted caramel brownie if going for the unhealthy option!

What are the joys and benefits of Nuush?

Joys must be the food. I love cooking and everything on the plans is yummy. I really like the star rating for cooking times. I tend to always go for quick and easy food during the week when time is at a premium and then do a 2 or 3 star meal at the weekends when I have more time. The main benefit is I don’t need to think about what I’m eating for the week. I don’t need to find new recipes each week. In the past I would have had the same things each week because it took less thinking about, I’m lazy like that!

One piece of advice for anyone living with you?

Let me go for a run when I’m stressed. It’s the safest thing to do 🙂 Luckily, Mandy understands as she also runs.

Most interesting thing you’ve learnt this week?

In my current job I learn something new everyday which is nice. I guess I’ve learnt that I’m better at my job than I give myself credit for.

What’s your food nemesis?

Liver or kidney – gack! Even the thought of it makes me feel sick!

Favourite Nuush meal?

The lentil bolognese is pretty good. Quick and easy to make and you really don’t miss the mince from it, or the crustless quiche, or the stuffed peppers, or…you get the idea. I love it all.

Favourite form of activity?


What’s one of your family’s speciality dishes?

I’ve had to think about this one, probably our family recipe spaghetti – it’s to die for but you can’t eat too much of it. There is a lot of cheese involved!

One big thing you’ve learnt from Nuush?

Portion control. Big doesn’t always mean better. We got smaller plates so we didn’t feel we had to fill them.

Last thing you ate?

Warm berries and overnight oats for breakfast.

What one piece of health advice would you give people?

Find an activity you enjoy doing. Just because someone runs doesn’t mean it will work for you. Go for a walk, take your bike out for a cycle. If you enjoy doing it you are more likely to continue doing it. If you dread it, you’ll soon find an excuse to not do it.

Tell us something about yourself that people will find riveting?

I used to be an 18.5 stone individual who ran his first marathon in just under 5 hours, this year with the help of a Nuush race plan (and lots of training), I smashed the sub 3 target with a 2:52 finish time. I’m also much fitter and leaner than my first marathon attempt.

Owain Williams

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