A cuppa with… Jennifer Westall

Meet Jennifer. Nuush member who is a lawyer in Doha and would happily live on a desert island with Greek yoghurt.

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I’m a lawyer in a women’s and children’s hospital.

What county (or country!) do you live in?

I live in Doha, Qatar. Roll on 2022!

What made you choose Nuush?

I am a serial dieter and I was looking for something new. I think I googled words like “health” and “eating plan”. It was the idea of the Nutrition for Everyone that got me. Something different every week and I don’t have to think about it, other than to get the shopping in.

How long have you been with Nuush and had you tried other diets?

I’ve tried all kinds of diets over the years (WW, Slimming World, Atkins, low fat, MyFitnessPal). And I even tried hypnotherapy at one point.

What inspires you?

Goodness, kindness and humility – and people who run faster than I do! Oh and anyone who does triathlon. That looks like a special kind of madness.

What’s your desert island food?

Oh no. Only one? One food would probably be Greek yoghurt; a meal would be a curry like the lentil keema.

What are the joys and benefits of Nuush?

The Hive is a pure joy to be part of. People are supportive, fun and a bit cheeky too. Making new meals is another joy. I’ve made two recipes this week with pak choi (the speedy madras and teriyaki steak with noodles) and my kids now love it. I would not have tried them with it otherwise. Benefits, in addition to weight loss is the knowledge I have gained. Sally’s posts in the group are a great source of information. My biggest joy and benefit is without doubt sourdough bread. Learning to bake it with Sally’s class will stay with me forever.

Note: The Hive is our exclusive, private Facebook support group where clients can share stories and get direct access to the Nuush brain. Additionally we provide free online sourdough workshops every few months.

One piece of advice for anyone living with you?

Please put the toilet seat down – I have a house full of males – and replace the toilet roll.

Most interesting thing you’ve learnt this week?

That the Red Baron was shot by a gunner on the ground possibly called Snowy Edwards.  See, house full of men!

What’s your food nemesis?

Anything sweet. Cake mainly.

Favourite Nuush meal?

Lentil keema.

Favourite form of activity?


What’s one of your family’s speciality dishes?

My mum always made a really excellent Christmas Dinner with amazing stuffing made from oatmeal and onions and another made from haggis.

One big thing you’ve learnt from Nuush?

Processed bread is awful.

Last thing you ate?

Breakfast – cool porridge.

What one piece of health advice would you give people?

Can it be two? Cook from scratch (or as much from scratch as you can) and don’t spend all day on your phone, iPad or PC.

Tell us something about yourself that people will find riveting?

That’s a challenge! I want to learn to ride a bike so that I can do the Celtic Challenge, which is a 200 mile ride across Scotland. I want to raise funds for St Columba’s Hospice where my mum spent her last couple of weeks.

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