A cuppa with… Holly Seear

Meet Holly, who wants All The Cheese and knows a thing or two about cycling.

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Professional Level 3 British Cycling Performance Coach and Owner of Holly Seear: Performance Cycling Coach.

What county/country do you live in?


What made you choose Nuush?

I like the honest, sensible approach to eating and living healthily and wanted to give some structure to my and my family’s eating in addition to finding a nutrition partner to support my athletes and clients with their goals. My clients range from beginner cyclists to international athletes, each with unique training and nutrition needs. Many have used Nuush to successfully increase their power to weight ratio, while others have improved body composition. Good nutrition benefits everyone.

How long have you been with Nuush and had you tried other diets?

Just over 12 months. I haven’t followed an official diet in recent years and certainly don’t think of Nuush as a diet, just good healthy nutrition. I do remember at school following the Creme Egg diet from a teen magazine where you basically ate lettuce and apples all day to ‘save’ enough of your daily calories to eat a Creme Egg (not sure I should admit that and now I want one!)

What inspires you?

Seeing others commit to a challenge and learning from their failures or mistakes to come back stronger.

What’s your desert island food?

Cheese (all of it!), but it might get a bit smelly in the heat!

What are the joys and benefits of Nuush?

Obviously the yummy food is the biggest benefit, but I have also saved money on the weekly shop as I am not buying any extras. Having someone else take care of the planning makes my life so much easier and less stressful. When my plan arrives I read the options out, let the family choose their favourite dinner and then order the ingredients for delivery! Super easy and everyone is happy.

One piece of advice for anyone living with you?

Put my stuff back where you found it or better still don’t touch it! Honestly it drives me mental! As a mum and partner, I don’t have many things that are just mine and I would like to be able to find them!

Most interesting thing you’ve learnt this week?

Arghh, tricky! I am answering this on a Monday!

What’s your food nemesis?

Chocolate, I expect you get that answer a lot, but if it is there I WILL eat it! Arghh and now I am craving it again!

Favourite Nuush meal?

All the curries are fabulous, the crustless quiche is a winner and the kids always request the homemade pizzas!

Favourite form of activity?

Cycling (obviously!), most weeks I spend 8 – 12 hours on the saddle, but I am training for a 1007km non-stop ride so that will be increasing and perhaps if you ask me after the event this answer will be different, perhaps I will take up knitting 😉

What’s one of family’s speciality dishes?

Magic Pasta! Actually filled tortellini, but when the children were young I called it ‘magic pasta’ as it was exciting to find what filling it had! Everyone still loves it and calls it Magic Pasta, including my husband who called it that at work recently much to everyone’s amusement.

One big thing you’ve learnt from Nuush?

To be brave with breakfasts! Honestly the breakfasts are amazing, previously I would always have the same muesli or porridge every single day now I have all sorts of exciting things. We all love the Raspberry, Oat and Honey Cranachan.

Last thing you ate?

Granola, greek yoghurt and berries.

What one piece of health advice would you give people?

Move! It doesn’t matter what you do but our bodies were meant to move. Try loads of activities until you find ‘your thing’, I didn’t start cycling until my 30s and now it is my hobby, my passion and my job!

Tell us something about yourself that people will find riveting?

Gosh I might have to make something up or phone a friend! I was part of a Guinness World Record for the most people Yo-Yoing at the same time in the same place (fascinating and totally true!).

A cuppa with... Holly Seear
This is Holly during Transalp, a 7 day mountain bike stage race across the Alps and the Dolomites.

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