A cuppa with… Caroline Olney

Meet Caroline, who discovered a love of walking and volunteers for St John Ambulance.

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I am an Administrator for Public Health England so I am a Civil Servant

What county/country do you live in?

I live in Surrey.

What made you choose Nuush?

So……  I don’t like being on a diet. I don’t feel like I am ‘fat’ but I know I could be healthier and so to achieve this I have often gone on diets to try and slim down thinking this would make me healthy. I like Nuush because it’s not a diet, it’s proper food and it feels healthy and I feel like I am looking after myself.

How long have you been with Nuush and had you tried other diets?

I have been with Nuush about 5 months now I think. I have in the past tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Herbalife.

What inspires you?

My Mum because she’s simply amazing and my partner because, despite having PTSD, he tries so hard at everything and I think that’s really rather brilliant.

What’s your desert island food?

Hmmmm, that’s difficult – I would say Domino’s but I am not sure they’d deliver!! Oh definitely a very good roast dinner with a massive Yorkshire pud!!

What are the joys and benefits of Nuush?

You are eating REAL food. Not plastic processed rubbish!! It feels like you are having a treat most days because the recipes are so nice.

One piece of advice for anyone living with you?

Stop talking at me when I am trying to read my book!!

Most interesting thing you’ve learnt this week?

That there is a cheesecake factory coming to Toronto (my friend from Canada told me!!).

What’s your food nemesis?

Without a doubt, chocolate. I love it. I would eat it all day every day if I could.

Favourite Nuush meal?

Oh that’s hard as I am not sure I could pick just one. I love the crustless quiche and the curries the most I think. I am also enjoying trying out lots of different things in or with my porridge or overnight oats!!

Favourite form of activity?

Just plain old walking – my most favourite is walking in woods or by the sea.

What’s one of family’s speciality dishes?

My Mum does this pasta dish with tomatoes and spinach with mozerella baked into it – it’s absolutely amazing with French bread!!

One big thing you’ve learnt from Nuush?

That asking for help doesn’t mean I have failed and that I should be kinder to myself. I am naturally a worrier and anxious so the ethos around looking after yourself whilst doing fitnat has been really good for me. And that’s not just about food, it’s about getting enough sleep, getting outside, doing things you enjoy…

Last thing you ate?

Porridge with sultanas and cinnamon!! It was delish!!

What one piece of health advice would you give people?

Get outside and move more. I completely dismissed any form of any movement anywhere. Then I started to walk to work. I was so wrong – walking does me loads of good. And the biggest benefit was to my mental health – being outside and having some calm time was really lovely and now I go walking much more.

Tell us something about yourself that people will find riveting?

In my spare time I am a volunteer for St John Ambulance. I also like to go on ghost hunts!!

Caroline Olney

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