Nutrition for Everyone
Whatever your goal – be better nourished, lose weight, have a happy relationship with food or simply to hand over the task of weekly meal planning – we’ll help you achieve it.

Nourish & Fast
Our daily fasting nutrition plan is built around the no-fad science of time-related eating (intermittent fasting), with all its health and weight management benefits. 

Combine Nutrition for Everyone with the extra health benefits of Nourish & Fast and get the best of both worlds.

Personalised Nutrition
Fully customised plan to fit in with your busy life or to get the best out of your training and racing. 

Nutrition Consultation
Schedule a consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and lead nutrition advisor, to talk through your nutrition, health or performance.

Medichecks Consultation
Get your Medichecks blood tests through Nuush. We will help you choose the right test(s) – at 10% off the standard price. We’ll guide you through the accompanying Medichecks doctor’s report and how you might approach discussions with your GP.

Nutrition Insights
Talk through your diet and health history with Sally. Receive a personalised nutrition plan that you can use for 4-6 weeks, then discuss longer term actions to build on what you have achieved.

The science and behaviours of nutrition, lifestyle and health. Get the knowledge with our evidence-based articles and opinion.

A New Natural is our bi-monthly newsletter with evidence-based nutrition and health knowledge, recipes, lifestyle tips, podcast recommendations and more.

About Nuush
Nuush brings joy to healthy living with the Mediterranean diet. We nurture health awareness, wholesome food, nature, and meaningful connections. Find out more about the team.

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Nutrition and lifestyle, naturally.

Transform your health and discover just how good you can feel with our exclusive weekly Mediterranean diet plans.

and join hundreds of happy clients

Diets often promise quick results but fail to establish healthy eating and sustainable weight loss. We buck that trend with a simple, professional and qualified approach that lasts.
Instead of focusing on restrictive diets, calorie counting or other short-term fixes, we place importance on nourishing your body with healthy, whole foods, based on the Mediterranean diet.
Our evidence-based program, backed by years of experience, helps you to embrace variety and enjoy delicious ingredients to support your health and vitality, and get lasting results.

But you’re wondering how you will lose weight like that. Right?

We approach it with an age-old, very simple, formula that works: three meals a day, no snacks and with portion sizes that are right for you. 

Don’t stress the details because a professional, hand-written plan from Nuush gives you all the nutrition you need each week. Plans follow the seasons and have daily support and education to help you make lasting changes. All you need do is shop, cook and eat, and enjoy the results.

or choose our most popular Mediterranean diet plan…

Nutrition for Everyone

Feel more energised and enjoy living in a healthy and happy body. Or just make your life a little less crazy by giving us the job of nourishing you.

Who is Nuush?

Nuush was created, and is run, by Sally Pinnegar.

Sally is a level 4 qualified Nutrition Adviser and Personal Trainer and an undergraduate in nutritional therapy. For the last 25+ years she has supported well over a thousand people to get to their healthiest and stay there.

She is supported by a small and passionate team, focused on helping you get the best from your time with us. 

And then there’s Scout the sheepdog, Lottie the springer, Evie the Dachsund, Pepper, Minty and Emily the cats and several rescued chickens who all “help” Sally at Nuush HQ by constantly inviting her to play ball-ee or by standing on her keyboard while she’s writing awesome nutrition plans.

The Nuush Ethos

At Nuush, our foundations rest on a set of robust principles rooted in science, nature, knowledge and empowerment.

We firmly believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being, acknowledging the human body as an intricate evolved system rather than a mere collection of parts. 

Get a FREE nutrition consultation

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and lead nutrition advisor, to talk through your nutrition, health or performance.

Happy clients

Here are the four pillars we use to support your nutrition and health.


Your body carries out an off-the-scale amount of magic every millisecond of the day. It really is indescribable. To do that properly it needs essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, phytonutrients.


Our bodies are designed to move, that’s why we have large and powerful muscles in our legs. Think of your body like the most expensive machine in the world, finely engineered, actually priceless.


Sleep, relaxation and stress relief are fundamental to optimum health. While you sleep you grow and repair.


Good human relationships and a connection with the natural environment are hardwired into us as fundamental needs.

Join the Nuush community

Members get interactive with each other, and the Nuush experts, in The Hive – a private Facebook group.

Connect with like-minded people on the same journey. Get daily nutrition and lifestyle support from Sally, Nuush’s founder. 

The group is there for all of life’s curveballs, not just food-related!

A nutrition plan for you

Are you looking to transform your health and well-being?

Discover the power of a Mediterranean-diet plan. With emphasis on fresh, whole foods, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, Mediterranean diet plans can help to promote heart health, improve brain function, boost energy levels, and support weight management.

You can enjoy delicious meals that are not only good for your body but also your taste buds.

Do you want structure and guidance?

One of the key reasons why having a weekly nutrition plan is so effective is that it provides structure and guidance. It helps you make intentional choices about what you eat, ensuring that you're getting all the essential nutrients your body needs.

A well-planned Mediterranean-style diet plan can help you establish healthy eating habits, reduce unhealthy snacking, and keep lifestyle-disease at bay.

Do you want to save time and money?

Having a weekly nutrition plan also saves you time and money. By planning your meals in advance, you can make a shopping list and buy only the ingredients you need, reducing food waste and unnecessary spending.

Plus, having meals mapped out for the week can make busy weekdays much more manageable, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life without the job of working out what to eat.

Would you like to have increased energy levels?

Beyond the physical benefits, a Mediterranean-style nutrition plan can also greatly improve your overall quality of life. By nourishing your body with wholesome foods, you can experience increased energy levels, improved mood, and enhanced mental clarity.

The Mediterranean-style diet plan is not a restrictive diet but rather a sustainable lifestyle approach that can be enjoyed long-term, promoting lifelong health and well-being.

What are the benefits of a Nuush plan?

Optimal health

The most cost effective health insurance from wholesome nutrition, active movement, deep rest, stress resilience, and meaningful connections.

Improved energy

Better focus, more spring in your step, happier mood and emotion, heightened resilience to stress, and a feeling of calmness and well-being

Healthy body composition

Improved metabolic health, reduced risk of chronic disease, enhanced movement, comfort and mobility, and an overall feeling of revitalisation.

Not to mention...


Stress-free planning, because we do it all for you.

Money saving

With your week planned out, only buy the food you need.


Tips, tools and guidance about what you're eating and why.


Connect directly with the founder and fellow Nuushers.

Ready to embrace the benefits?

Take charge of your health and start reaping the rewards of wholesome, delicious meals that will nourish your body and improve your life. Get started with a weekly nutrition plan today and unlock the incredible benefits of Mediterranean-style eating.

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