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Find your new naturalwith a Nuush Mediterranean-style diet

Start feeling wonderful naturally with our most popular plan:

Nutrition for Everyone

Feel more energised and enjoy living in a healthy and happy body. Or just make your life a little less crazy by giving us the job of nourishing you! We’ll make you a plan every week with easy, delicious and nutritious meals. All based on the simple and science-proven Mediterranean Diet.

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Nourish . Move . Restore . Connect

These are the four pillars we use to support your nutrition and health.

Rather than just providing you with a, albeit wonderful, nutrition plan and sending you away to follow it we stay by your side helping you make easy and effective changes.

You will learn how to weave activity and exercise in to your days, how to sleep and relax better and how to strengthen your connection with people and nature so you feel healthy, fit, content and happy.

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Be part of our brilliant online community

Members get interactive with each other, and the Nuush experts, in The Hive – a private Facebook group.

Connect with like-minded people on the same journey. Get daily nutrition and lifestyle support from Sally, Nuush’s founder. 

The group is there for all of life’s curveballs, not just food-related!

Our clients

I feel amazing. My skin is clearer, I wake up in the morning feeling more energised, my clothes are looser and I feel in control. I cannot thank Sally enough.
Nuush came to my rescue as the enabler of my wish to lose a little weight to help manage joint pain from arthritis in my knee in my late 60s. Now it is just part of my life.
For anyone who might be sat, looking at Nuush, thinking about getting in touch. Don't wait – do it now!
Sally’s service is second to none. In four months we managed to hone my body composition to a level that surpassed my expectations, resulting in me being leaner, stronger and full of energy.
I’m someone who’s been a ridiculously picky eater all my life. Despite the fact that I didn’t go to Nuush to lose weight, it came off anyway, and I also find that I’m much less tired than I used to be.

Recipe Collection

Want lots of gorgeous recipes? We got 'em!​

Who is Nuush?

Nuush was created, and is run, by Sally Pinnegar.

Sally is a level 4 qualified Nutrition Adviser and Personal Trainer and an undergraduate in nutritional therapy. For the last 25+ years she has supported well over a thousand people to get to their healthiest and stay there.

She is supported by a small and passionate team, focused on helping you get the best from your time with us. 

And then there’s Scout the sheepdog, Lottie the springer, Evie the Dachsund, Pepper, Minty and Emily the cats and several rescued chickens who all “help” Sally at Nuush HQ by constantly inviting her to play ball-ee or by standing on her keyboard while she’s writing awesome nutrition plans.

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Nutrition for Everyone

A nutrition plan for almost everyone

A healthy eating plan for a wide range of people who want to look after their health and feel their best. Based on the trusted Mediterranean diet.

Expert and community support

Support, learning and encouragement in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from a qualified nutrition coach and a friendly private community group.


Save money on your weekly food shop by buying only as much as your body needs you to eat. Save waste by using everything you buy. Help to save the planet by eating local and seasonal food.